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OOXX Separatore

How long the OOXXBox can stay on the table without the losing of extra virgin olive oil properties?

OOXXBox has a special conditioned nucleus that allows extra virgin olive oil to remain on the table at a constant temperature of 10-15 ° C for two hours.

How does OOXXBox need to be stored?

OOXXBox has be stored in the refrigerator because its conditioned nucleus will cool down and recharge for the next use.

Where should be stored the TubOOXX, the cylinder containing ampoules of extra virgin olive oil?

TubOOXX should be stored in a cool, dry place, at a constant temperature between 10 and 15 ° C. The cellar where the fridge is placed red wine could be the right place.

How much power does the OOXXBox need during the use?

OOXXBox – the conditioned oil cruet, is equipped with a passive refrigeration technology, without consumption of energy it maintains the optimum temperature conditions.

It is necessary the use of the OOXXBox after the purchasing of the TubOOXX?

OOXXBox allows the extension of the correct extra virgin olive oil conservation to the table, giving to the product a constant temperature and the absence of light. It is a design object, which in addition to expressing hospitality encourages conviviality among the guests, but it is not essential using OOXXBox to ensure proper storage of extra virgin olive oil at home .