OOXXSystem preserves the extra virgin olive oil nutraceutical properties, starting from the bottling at the mill, to the transfer and storage phases, until the final consumption directly on your table.

OOXX Separatore

Extra virgin olive oil qualities.

Store properly preserving by the pro-oxidant factors.

The extra virgin olive oil of excellence is a living product and not stable. Every drop is rich in vitamin E, polyphenols, oleic and linoleic acid, squalene. It produces health benefits effects by protecting against tumors, infarction, depressions and from skin diseases.

The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily assumption of 20 ml, as suggested by EFSA – European Food Safety Authority. This effect is preserved if and only if it is observed the entire preservation process:

• Constant temperature to prevent overheating or freezing.
• Absence of oxygen to prevent the oxidation process.
• Absence of light to avoid the onset of deterioration processes.

Vice Versa oil will also retain some taste, but surely will lose all its nutritional and beneficial characteristics.

OOXX Design


With OOXXSystem the extra virgin olive oil qualities are guaranteed through:

The selection of producers of excellence and the verification of compliance with quality standards OOXX®:

  • Because the higher quality must be guaranteed from the origin.

The bottling in ampoules of 10 ml at the mill according to detailed operational protocols:

  • Because only in small doses the extra virgin olive oil has the opportunity to express all its sensory characteristics – fruity, bitter, spicy, along with nutraceutical properties.

The transport and storage at a constant temperature, controlled and certified:

  • Because the product maintains longer and unaltered the organoleptic characteristics when is ensuring a constant temperature between 10 and 15 ° C.

Home delivery with conditioned carriers:

  • Because the commitment is to ensure the continuity of the process up to your home.

Periodical chemical and sensory analysis:

  • Because the food preservation starting with the observance of an internal protocol of proper storage.


Intense Emotions

TubOOXX is the cylindric packaging with 8 or 25 ampoules of 10 ml of selected cultivar.

With its practical and innovative shape, TubOOXX protects the extra virgin olive oil against the light and the oxygen exposure during the transport from the mill to the consumer a controlled temperature.

At destination we ask to the consumer to maintain preservation from the oxidative effects of incorrect temperatures and the presence of oxygen and light, by keeping the cylinder directly into the wine cabinet at the same temperature with the red wine.

The consumer can continue the proper storage also at the table using OOXXBox, the conditioned oil cruet. An innovative, technological and design equipment that completes the OOXX® System conservative process.


Wine Cooler

The proper conservation. At home too.

TubOOXX has to be keeped in the wine cooler at the same temperature of the red – 10-15°C. Only in this way the guarantee of integrity certified by OOXX® System will continue at home and extra virgin olive oil will preserve all its nutraceutical properties.


A new way of presenting the extra virgin olive oil: from a simple dressing to protagonist at the centre of the table.

OOXXBox, it is the complementary element of OOXX® System, designed for those who have understood the importance of proper storage of oil and intend to extend all the sensory characteristics and nutritional properties, antioxidant and anti-cancer till the time of consumption.

OOXXBox, a conditioned oil cruet, allows you to keep at the table the product at the right temperature,  10-15°C, preserving the qualities and properties. It contains 8 ampoules of 10 ml of cultivars from different regions of Italy.

Just take the ampoules conserved in the wine cooler and recharge the oil cruet for treat yourself to new sensory experiences.

Di facile uso e manutenzione.
Le ampolle contenute in un TubOOXX
Le ampolle contenute nel OOXXBox
OOXXBox garantisce una temperatura tra i 10° e i 15°
Le ore di autonomia di OOXXBox